Custom Garments

Custom Garments

For your special moments and breakthroughs, wear something unique. Custom garments are our chance to celebrate you.

Design Consultstion

Your luxury experience starts with a design consultation. Let's talk about your event or how you want to feel in this look. We take notes and come back to you with fabrics and ideas!

The Sketch

Then there's the sketch. This is the fashion illustration that begins bringing your vision to life. We will meet to review illustrations and swatches to make sure we've designed a look you'll love. Once confirmed, we'll begin constructing your garment through patterns and draping techniques.

Fabrics & Trims

The right fabric is everything! From your swatch review, we will select and source the selected fabrics to create your design. Based on the details discussed we will be able to advise you on your fabric choice to achieve the right look.


Every details should fit you perfectly. To ensure that you are comfortable, we will schedule multiple fit sessions for tryons and make adjustments. By our final fitting, you'll be standing in your dream gown in the final fabrication.

Dream Look

Once you're in love with the look, our work is done! After the final fitting we will prepare your garments for shipment or delivery.

Success & Fashion

For special moments

Success & Fashion

For standing out

Success & Fashion

For big events