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Azana Serene is a women's luxury fashion brand that caters to powerful, trailblazing women. We want to celebrate their special moments. Rooted in an appreciation for elegance and timelessness, the brand imbues a sense of occasion. Established in just February of 2019 by Azana Williams, the label is ont its way to becoming a destination for remarkable women.
At Azana Serene, we believe in the preservation of elegance and celebration. Our mission is to accentuate the beauty of diversely powerful women with luxury garments that speak to a moment in their story.

Azana Williams is a California native and FIDM graduate. The fashion designer entered the industry at 21, creating her first collection of gowns for sophiticated, trailblazing women. Creating that collection was planting the seed for Azana Serene. It furthered the designer's passion for luxury garments and growing desire to honor successful women. Azana's vision for the label is to become a leader in the interpretation of luxury fashion and elegance.

Azana is deeply inspired by the opportunity to be a new voice in luxury fashion and the endless ways that the label can resonate with women. She finds motivation in all the stories still untold by young women who are on their way or have yet to make their mark. The young designer looks forward to every opportunity to use her craft to build up other women and help them tell their story with pieces that inspire confidence and poise.

Azana is preserving elegance and finding new ways to reach the remarkable women that inspire the brand.

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